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Katarzyna Kozak (Kasia)

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Katarzyna Kozak, known as Kasia, is one of North America’s most successful and beloved competitive Ballroom dancers.  Her many accomplishments (outlined below) attest to her success both in North America and Internationally as a Professional Latin Dance competitor. 

Among the highlights of her competitive career, Kasia and her partner Donald Johnson, Andrew Phillips, and Louis VanAmstel:

Kasia is now judging major North American dance competitions.

Kasia’s triumphs and successes as a Professional Latin Dance competitor represent only a fraction of the positive impact on the world of Ballroom Dancing in North America that Kasia is making through her coaching, teaching and a variety of entrepreneurial projects.  Her goal in her post-competitive career is to share her passion, enthusiasm and knowledge of dancing with dancers of all levels.  She is achieving this through a variety of innovative dance-related projects.

Kasia arrived in the US from Poland as a teenager.  She had already created a “buzz” in the European dance community as Poland’s National Amateur Junior Latin Dance Champion and she had achieved notable results in World Amateur events.  At the tender age of eighteen Kasia turned Professional and embarked upon what proved to be an excellent partnership with Donald Johnson.  She resides in San Diego, California.

Kasia has developed unique workshops and seminars designed specifically for lady competitors, both professionals and amateurs, and branded as Kasia’s High Heel Boot Camps.  

Kasia’s extensive professional competitive experience makes her uniquely suited to work with professional competitors of all levels.  Combining her strong technical background with her extraordinary talents as a choreographer, professionals working with Kasia can look forward to improving their competition results through Kasia’s expertise.

Kasia has a strong belief in the importance of Pro Am dancing and understands the unique challenges that female Pro Am competitors face when dancing with their Professional partners/teachers.  With this in mind, Kasia’s High Heel Boot Camps combine the technical aspects of dancing with partnership skills and includes a focus on the mental approach to dancing and competing.  The knowledge and understanding of body awareness gained during on of Kasia’s High Heel Boot Camps create a sense of empowerment for the participants that lasts well into the future.

Kasia was a partner in one of North America’s major Ballroom Dance competitions such as, The North American Ballroom Challenge and The Magnolia Dancesport Challenge.  She also co-founded the Birmingham Ballroom Challenge.  She also is planning a few more unique Competition/Workshop weekends in various parts of the country.

Learn to dance your favorite ballroom dance or sharpen our skills using one of our ballroom DVDs.
Anyone Can Dance DVD’s - is the ultimate set of DVD’s for people just learning how to ballroom dance.  Kasia and Donald break down each step clearly and concisely to get you moving fast.  By the end of each DVD you will be up and dancing away.
Variation Latin and Rhythm DVD’s - contain advanced patterns, enhanced with additional elements, intended to help you take your dancing to a new level and are excellent for social dancing as well as showcase and competition routines.
American Rhythm DVIDA Syllabus DVD’s - you will learn your DVIA syllabus in an easy to understand format together with valuable technical information.
Body Strengthening & Arm Awareness DVD.

The Kasia Kollection offers the opportunity to accessorize your Style.  Get unique jewelry for your Ballroom and Latin costumes as well as for your evening attire.  You can find one of a kind, unique clothes and purses as well as hand painted jeans and jackets for ladies as well as jackets for men.





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