At Kasia's High Heels Boot Camp Workshop you will develop both your body and your mind through all of the following topics that are covered in my High Heels Boot Camps:

  • Technique: learn the latest techniques and how to use your body to achieve them. You will learn how your particular body functions and how to maximize your individual potential.
  • Practice Methods: learn how to rapidly advance by innovative ,proven practice methods and drills. These drills will make you stronger and a more effective partner!
  • Flexibility and Strength: learn a special created series of exercises concentrating on the muscle groups required for both Latin and Ballroom dancing.
  • Performance: learn how to bring your own personality to the competition floor and to channel those awkward nerves into a sparkling and fulfilling performance.

My High Heels Boot Camps are limited to 10 ladies so that I can personally get to know you and your dancing and be available to answer any and all your questions throughout the 15 hours we are together. There are no limitations by style or level or experience. The information we will cover is equally applicable to Ballroom and Latin dancing.

Despite being hard work and intense, my High Heels Boot Camps are hugely motivational as you will get to exchange your dance experiences and share your future goals with me. An added bonus I have discovered is that a great sense of camaraderie develops between the ladies attending my High Heel Boot Camps and many lasting dance friendships have started at my camps! IT’S FUN, EXHILARATING AND UPLIFTING!!

NOTE: Each lady participating in my High Heels Boot Camps is given a syllabus at the start of the weekend so that you will know what is being covered and have something to take back and share with your Teacher.