1. What is the schedule for the workshop?

Friday: 4-7pm
Saturday: 10am-1pm and 4-7pm
Sunday 10am-1pm and 4-7pm

2. How big are the Boot Camps?

Very small. It’s a semi private environment. Usually 4-6 ladies. Maximum is 10. Nobody gets lost in a class. Each lady receives a lot of individual attention from Kasia.

3. What level do I have to be at to attend High Heels Boot Camp?

There is no level requirements or limitations. The only requirement is You have to be hungry for information and ready to learn. You will get from the workshop whatever you are able to get at the level you are at.

4. What should I wear?

You should wear cloth that are comfortable but at the same time fit enough so Kasia can see your body moving.

5. Should I wear my high heel shoes? Can I bring my practice shoes as well?

You definitely should bring your high heels and try to practice in those us much as you can. I do recommend bringing your practice shoes as well just in case your feet get tired. Better to have your low hells than not able to practice at all.

6. Should I have list of questions prepared before I come to the Boot Camp?

Yes, you definitely should. Remember Kasia is here for you not the other way around. If you have a particular topic you would like help with please feel free to even email Kasia before the workshop or let her know in the very beginning of the workshop, so she can incorporate that information into the workshop.

7. Will we have time to talk about makeup, hair, shoes, competitions ext...?

Yes we will. During lunch and dinner ( optional of course) we will have time to talk about all of those things. We will have time to pick on Kasia’s head about any topic related to dancing, performance, competition ext. You can either ask personal questions:)

8. Should I bring nice close to wear or just practice wear?

It is up to you how you feel comfortable. Everything outside of the time in the Ballroom is optional. During lunch we will go to restaurant - probably a bit more casual and during dinner time on Saturday we will go eat to nice restaurant or even drinks afterwards. One of the lunches is the weather permits and it always does because it is San Diego after all we will have dinner on the beach so you might want to bring some sun block - but do not worry if you forget Kasia will have some extra.

9. What are the hotels I can stay at?

In the side column there is a list of recommended hotels, which previous High Heel Boot Camp attendees have stayed at.

NOTE: Each lady participating in my High Heels Boot Camps is given a syllabus at the start of the weekend so that you will know what is being covered and have something to take back and share with your Teacher.