What is Kasia's High Heels Boot Camp?

Travelling throughout the country, working with ladies both amateur and professional, I have discovered that there is a need for a seminar/workshop exclusively oriented to ladies, to give them information and expertise on how to become stronger and more independent dancers. During my years as a Professional Dance competitor and coach , I have studied with many of the great dance teachers in the world - using my own performing experience and my years of study of Ballroom and Latin dance as well as body movement, I have developed a unique program for ladies which is especially applicable to ladies dancing Pro Am.

This intensive 15 hour seminar/workshop, in a semi-private environment, will show you how to improve your dancing and at the same time help build self confidence and belief in your own skills. Kasia's High Heels Boot Camp is a 3 day intensive dance camp usually starting Friday from 4-7.00p.m and continuing both Saturday and Sunday 10.00a.m - 1.00p.m and 4-7.00p.m

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